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  • March 16th, 2017
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LONGUEUIL, March 16, 2017 – 6Telecom, a leading provider of advanced business communications solutions and services, has announced, this week, being honoured for a 3rd consecutive year by Avaya with the awarding of “Partner in Customer Excellence“. Avaya is a world leader in collaboration and communication, and leading manufacturer. This prestigious award recognizes the exceptional quality of customer service offered by 6Telecom to its customers.

This ‘’Award of Excellence’’ is given to Avaya partners who have demonstrated a high level of customer satisfaction in a comparative assessment conducted by an independent firm.

"In our industry, where the same product can be obtained from dozens of partners and on the web, this distinction is very important. In the market today, it is not the product but the service offered that differentiates." says Sophie Rouillier President of 6Telecom. "We are a small company with the competence of a large company. We offer professionalism in addition to flexibility. This is a wonderful recipe in this world of technology. Our customer’s testimonies and the surveys they answered, show they appreciate our approach.”

Miles Davis, Midmarket Sales Leader, Avaya Canada, says, "Avaya has established this award to recognize the partners who put their hearts into their work every day. Through a third party, the partner’s customers answer surveys and according to the different ratings that they award, the most appreciated partners receive this honour. 6Telecom is one of the few partners in Canada to receive this award‘’

About 6Telecom and its President

For over 23 years, 6Telecom has offered its customers choice-based alternatives with added value compared to the giant telecommunication companies, enabling its customers to do more, better, faster, at a lower cost. As the leader of the company, Sophie Rouillier has been the president of the corporation since its founding in 1994. She is one of the few women entrepreneurs in telecommunications.