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Today's businesses and companies like yours aim to improve the customer experience and facilitate collaboration between colleagues. Avaya IP Office is the perfect solution for all small and mid-size companies, whether they have been recently set up or are long established, and whether or not they have several branches.

6Telecom has therefore entered into a partnership with Avaya to offer you the complete line of IP Office business telephone solutions. Owing to Avaya IP Office and its wide range of IP or digital telephones, 6Telecom is able to implement solutions tailored to your company's needs.

IP Office helps to improve operations and bring together mobile and dispersed employees. This simple and efficient solution for unified communications and collaboration provides an integrated experience for voice, video and mobility on virtually any device. Avaya IP Office is flexible and easy to use and manage. Go from a simple business telephone system for only five users to a full-scale collaboration solution for up to 2,500 users. IP Office boosts business continuity through integrated resilience and telecommuting functionalities that allow multi-location companies or companies whose employees are unable to come into the office, to operate efficiently in case of unforeseen events.

IP Office is available in four different versions, and the equipment is basically the same, which is one of the key advantages that the solution offers. When the day comes when your company's business needs will require more from your telecommunication system, you won't need to upgrade your material environment at significant cost. Adding a licence will be the only thing required.

Telephones Sets

Appareils téléphoniques Avaya IP Office

Help all your users to stay connected, accessible and productive. Avaya offers the widest range of IP, digital, analog and wireless desktop telephones.

Unified Communications

Communications unifiées Avaya

There are times when new technologies have the potential to dramatically change the way business is done. Unified communications is one of them.

User Profiles

Profils utilisateurs Avaya

With IP Office, select the user profile that suits your collaborators, whether they are directors, managers, receptionists, customers, mobile employees or telecommuters.