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There are times when new technologies have the potential to dramatically change the way business is done. Unified communications is one of them. There are moments in a career where we witness new technologies that have the potential to dramatically change the way companies do business. Unified communications is one of them. It changes the way companies manage interactions.

Unified communications solutions, such as the IP Office telephone system available at 6Telecom, allow your company to better engage with customers and strengthen relations between colleagues and business partners. Unified communications applications help make a significant difference by providing your company the opportunity to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Beyond traditional telephone communications, instant messaging and presence is admittedly one of the most powerful applications for unified communications. Combined, they help to build efficient relationships between colleagues and partners. Unified communications solutions enable all your mobile employees, from the occasional nomad to the enthusiastic mobile user, to be virtually present although they are physically absent.

A unified communications solution expands the company's reach to where your employees and partners are located at any time. Their correspondents do not need to adapt to figure out how to reach them depending on their workplaces.