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To Ensuring A Successful Rollout

For your added peace of mind, 6Telecom's team of experts oversees the end-to-end management of your project, from rollout to commissioning. Over the years, 6Telecom succeeded in refining its project management methodology to make sure that the project is delivered on time and according to your requirements at all times.

6Telecom developed an 11-step methodology, and its purpose is to ensure that each telecommunication solution is successfully implemented every time.

1 Requirements Gathering

To understand your actual business needs and overcome obstacles that currently hamper productivity, your business needs must be identified.

2 Pre-Sale Engineering

Our pre-sale engineering department designs the most cost-effective target architecture while meeting your corporate business needs.

3 Demonstration Center and Test Lab

Our demonstration and test lab center is at your disposal should you wish to see your future corporate telecommunication system in action and ensure that the proposed architecture meets your specific needs.

4 Advance Technical Visit

The advance technical visit allows our technical team to confirm the work assumptions that were set out when the needs were identified, and thus validate the proposed architecture.

5 Review of Work Stations

A detailed review of how work stations are used helps to identify the functionalities for each user and ensures a seamless transition to the new telecommunication system.

6 Configuration, Programming and Quality Assurance

This critical phase draws upon 6Telecom's expertise to manufacture the revised target architecture in-house. Once assembled, we perform quality assurance checks to minimize the time required for rollout and installation.

7 Rollout and Installation

Rollout and installation consists of setting up the selected telecommunication system in your facilities. Equipment installed according to industry standards assures you of an enhanced level of service.

8 Training

After rollout and prior to commissioning, training ensures that all your staff members will know how to use your telecommunication system in order to maximize productivity based on their user profile.

9 Testing

Testing follows rollout. Rigorous monitoring also takes place to make sure that the architecture and training meet your specific business needs.

10 Management and Diagnostic Center

After commissioning and testing, 6Telecom monitors your system in real time via its management center.

11 Service Contract

In the long term, the service contract allows you to benefit from the protection of an extended warranty for your telecommunication equipment and software, thereby future-proofing your investment.