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Vanity Numbers that Set You Apart from the Competition

Numéros de prestige 6Telecom

Vanity numbers, or mnemonic numbers, are telephone numbers that are easy to remember because they are made up of words instead of numbers. Given that they help to increase the number of calls, you will benefit from an increase of sales and market share.

Did you know that a mnemonic number that makes up a word generates 6 times more calls than a regular number? Increase the reach and visibility of your marketing campaigns today with a prestige number. 6Telecom has, in its 20-year history, built a database comprising tens of thousands of vanity numbers. Therefore, toll-free numbers, better known as 1-800 numbers, help your company to attract new customers, those who are normally outside your local calling area. It is also a great way to improve customer service. Finally, using a toll free vanity number that is easy to remember enhances your corporate identity and provides you with an additional marketing tool.

6Telecom exclusively offers "514-COMPANY" type numbers. Just think of 514-MONTREAL, 514-MONARCH. And let's not forget toll free numbers such as our own 1-855-WANT-IT-GO.