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Accessibility at Digitcom


Digitcom offers an extensive portfolio of telecommunication solutions designed to provide equal access to communications for persons with disabilities. Our goal is to give everyone equal access to the devices and services we all need to work, play and stay connected.  We design our websites to meet or exceed the latest accessibility standards and best practices, and conduct accessibility reviews before launching any new wepages.

Stay Connected Accessibility
Digitcom contact centre solutions powered by talkdesk

Adapt to larger, bolder type

See everything up close on your devices’ screen by magnifying all of the visible content. Increase text legibility and visibility with simple font adjustments. Increase text allows you to adjust the size using an accessibility slider. Your preferred settings can be applied to only the pages you choose.

Adjustable screen displays

Change your display to work the way you do. Choose from a range of colour filters to support your colour blindness, press reset to instantly revert the values and contrast in your mobile, tablet and PCs. If brightness levels or certain colors impact your ability to read what’s on your screen, you can adjust the brightness and contrast to make text and images clearer. Invert colors, for example try applying Grey Scale or Readable Fonts to test what works best for your vision needs.

Dark Mode: Make everything easier on the eyes.

Dark Mode transforms every element on your screen with a dark colour scheme to make reading easier. Toolbars and menus recede into the background as your content takes centre screen.

Accessible documents

We make important documents available in a accessible formats. Also, we provide accessible telephone support service and make sure that our services are accessible to all.



Digitcom committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience to all our clients.  Our knowledgeable product experts will work with you to ensure your communication system is tailored to your needs. While being as accommodating as possible to any accessibility requirements.

Stay Connected Accessibility
Digitcom contact centre solutions powered by talkdesk


From color blindness modes to close captioning, our communications solutions are packed full of accessibility features. If you or your business have a particular requirement, we will work with you to ensure your system properly configured to your needs. 


We’re committed to providing a inclusive and accessible experience to all our clients. We gladly welcome any all feedback as we pursue this goal. Contact us by any of the following methods

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 416 783 7890

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