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Hosted PBX Pricing: How Much Can You Really Save?

8 min read

No matter the industry or size, all businesses share one common focus, which is to keep their overhead low. The issue is that there are areas, such as communication, where it doesn’t make sense to cut corners. That’s because a company’s telephone system is critical to its success, but it’s also one of its most expensive investments. Fortunately, the days of overpriced traditional PBX (private branch exchange) systems are over, and have been replaced with a much more cost-effective mode of communication – hosted PBX service.

A hosted PBX telephone service is the same as a traditional telephone service for the end user. Calls are made and received as they always have been, and no special training is required. The biggest difference between traditional and hosted PBX systems is that, with hosted PBX, all calls are routed through the internet. That is exactly where the cost savings come from, too.

Upfront Investment Savings

When a traditional PBX system is installed, technicians from the service provider install their specialized telephones and hardware at the business site. The installation and al of the hardware involved can literally add up to thousands of dollars, and that’s before the business has even used the service. Since hosted PBX calls are all routed through the internet, there is no hardware installation required. In fact, with hosted PBX, a business owner can transfer his or her employee’s hosted PBX numbers to any existing compatible telephone (cell or landline), desktop laptop, or tablet. Additionally, since no installation is required, the business also saves money on labor because no technician site visit necessary. When a business chooses hosted PBX service over traditional PBX service, the upfront cost savings alone can be thousands of dollars.

Monthly Cost Savings

Aside from the upfront cost savings, a business can also save up to 50% or more on its monthly telephone bill when using hosted PBX services. Calls placed over the internet are a lot cheaper to make and receive than calls channeled through traditional lines. Businesses aren’t missing out on anything either. All of the same features that are available with traditional business telephone service (call hold, transfer, voice mail, etc) are also available with hosted PBX services.

Also, unlike traditional PBX services, with hosted PBX, moving telephone services from one location to another is as easy as making a call to update the business address. Since there is no hardware, external wiring, or other equipment hindering expansion, there is no cost associated with transferring and setting up the telephones. The calls are routed through the internet, so the service goes wherever the business goes.

If a business wants to expand into new territory in different area codes, there is no cost for any equipment to be transferred or installed either. What that means for the business owner is that he or she can establish a presence literally almost anywhere, whether it’s another state or country, without paying any of the cost-prohibitive overhead typically associated with transferring and installing new telephone service.

The business representative simply calls the hosted PBX provider and tells them where they’d like new numbers. The hosted PBX provider then assigns new telephone numbers in the respective area codes, and just like that, the business has set up shop wherever he or she would like. All without paying a dime to open an office or transfer and install equipment.

From set up to ongoing service ad expansion, hosted PBX telephone service is significantly less expensive than traditional PBX service. If you own a business and are looking for ways to reduce your overhead, consider looking into hosted PBX telephone service. You can save up to 50% or more on your monthly telephone bills, and you won’t be stuck paying thousands of dollars installing a telephone system that limits your expansion options.

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